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Co-Gen & Gen-Set

Traditional electric generator systems produce electric power with an efficiency approaching 40%. Since it is required to reduce the primary energy use on many markets, cogeneration, with simultaneous electricity and heat production, is a key technology to reach national energy consumption targets. 

Distributed power generation plays a key role here since it allows electricity production in the proximity of the heat consumer. So called CHP plants (Combined Heat and Power) are normally built around a gas engine gen-set. They collect thermal energy from the intercooler, jacket water, lubrication oil and exhaust gas. You can then produce hot water via heat exchangers, making the total energy utilization efficiency substantially higher, often exceeding 90%. These CHP’s can reliably produce energy at remote settlements or provide emergency power for hospitals and mobile power packs. They can also be used as additional stand-by units for peak hours in the production of electric power. Some CHP plants are also connected through an ORC system where the waste heat of the engine is used to drive the generator.

Download our BPHE brochure for Co-Gen & Gen-Set here.

Our customers GE Jenbacher and MTU Onsite Energy are two of the most recognized producers of gas engine CHP systems. Read their success stories here.