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SWEP wins large order for heat exchangers for Swedish hospital

SWEP will supply 100 heat exchangers for New Karolinska Solna, a university hospital currently under construction in the County of Stockholm, Sweden. The company’s brazed plate heat exchangers are an alternative to traditional solutions, offering higher energy efficiency, more compact design and reduced maintenance. Interest in this technology is growing, and SWEP is unique in supplying it for larger district heating/cooling installations.

SWEP has delivered over one million heat exchangers to district energy networks worldwide. The company’s compact brazed plate heat exchangers offer several advantages over the gasket models traditionally used for larger capacity demands, including economic and environmental savings through improved energy efficiency, more compact design and reduced maintenance. With the recent launch of the company’s largest model, SWEP is unique in offering this technology for larger installations. The product has generated great interest, and was decisive in NVS Installation AB's choice of heat exchanger supplier for their heating and cooling installations in the new hospital. Deliveries will start during spring 2013.

“We are experiencing great interest in replacing gasket heat exchangers with our brazed technology,” says Shwan H Lamei, Segment Manager for District Energy at SWEP. “With our latest developments we have tripled the capacity of our product portfolio and taken a unique position in the market. We can now offer the advantages of this technology for projects of this size, too. Capacity was decisive in our winning the order, as was the high demand for operational reliability.”

The ambition is to build and operate New Karolinska Solna with minimal environmental impact. The hospital will use renewable energy from district heating/cooling and its own production of ground source heat. The effective climate shell, recycling and efficient installations will halve energy consumption, with SWEP’s energy-efficient heat exchangers contributing to the savings. SWEP also develops sustainable solutions for heat pumps, wind power, and solar heating.