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Brazed plate heat exchangers featured in HPAC Engineering

SWEP recently had a technical article published in a well-respected magazine whose readership includes many members within the District Energy industry. 

The article was written by Pär Björkman (Segment Manager:  District Energy & Residential Heating) and is titled ‘Brazed-Plate Heat Exchangers in District Energy Systems’.  This article details the many benefits of using BPHEs (brazed plate heat exchangers) over the older plate & frame heat exchanger technologies.  The compact size, cost-savings, higher efficiency, and ability to customize are just some of the reasons detailed within the article to help educate people on why choosing the newer BPHE technology is the way of the future in district energy applications.

HPAC Engineering, the magazine of mechanical systems engineering, is a forum for peer-to-peer communication among engineering professionals in the buildings and construction industries. Its editorial mission is, simply, to help its 35,000 engineering readers provide for human health, safety, and comfort economically, efficiently, and reliably. Articles are solutions-oriented and focused on providing timely, accurate and practical information on the latest HVACR technologies, techniques and tools.  This is exactly the type of publicity we need to continue opening the door for SWEP’s BPHEs in the district energy industry in North America and HPAC Engineering ensures that we are reaching the right audience, including many decision makers, who will benefit from learning more about our technology and products.  

To read the full article, please click here