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Take advantage of SWEP's individual packaging option

SWEP provides customers with the option to have BPHEs (brazed plate heat exchangers), insulation, and any other accessories individually packed at their request.

This option was implemented back in 2014 due to increased demand for individually packed goods from both US & European patrons.  Customers can choose to have BPHEs plus accessories packed per box depending on size and space available.  Boxes can be provided with or without the SWEP logotype depending on what best suits the client’s wishes.  Each box contains a label which identifies the SWEP items packed inside each box as well as any customer specific part numbers tied to the packed items.  

 This option is currently available from SWEP’s central warehouses located in Germany and Oklahoma, USA.  SWEP is also currently working to have this option rolled out in our warehouse in India in the near future.

SWEP’s ambition with the individual packaging concept is to create value for our customers by extending our packaging offer in order to meet the growing market demand.  

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