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SWEP provides optimized solution for Harvard campus

SWEP was recently contacted to help provide a district energy solution for a building on Harvard’s campus.

A facility maintenance engineer from Harvard University contacted SWEP about a challenging application where a boiler had failed in the Dunster House Master’s Residence building on campus.  This facility happened to be located very close to Dunster House, which is a larger dormitory building heated by its own high-pressure hot water heating system.  After this failure, the university wanted to connect this particular building to the hot water system from the main Dunster House dormitory located behind it rather than replace the boiler.  The challenge was that the pipes in the Master’s building were so old that the pressure from the existing district energy network would have caused them to burst. This would have resulted in a very expensive repair of the house’s entire plumbing system.  SWEP’s solution was to install one of our B120THx70 models as a pressure breaker in the Master’s Residence to take the strain off the existing older pipes in this building and to ensure a smooth connection to the hot water heating system in the larger dormitory. 

This project was fast-moving and, because the B120THx70 was in stock (and a perfect fit for the size and pressure rating requirements), we were able to ship this product to them the very same day that the order was placed.  Harvard was extremely happy with SWEP’s service and confirms that the BPHE (brazed plate heat exchanger) solution we provided is working perfectly.

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