Renewable energy

Our heat exchangers make efficient use of renewable energy sources in a wide array of applications.

Wind power
SWEP BPHEs are a key component in windmills, where our heat exchangers are used to avoid overheating of the mechanical parts. Efficiently cooling the windmill’s lubricating oil extends the oil’s lifetime. Efficient cooling also reduces wear on components, which lengthens the windmill’s lifespan and minimizes maintenance.

Solar heating
Solar heating is the most environmentally friendly way to heat a house. SWEP BPHEs are a key component in many solar heating applications, because of their exceptional ability to harness and use solar energy. Our BPHEs make it easy to create a clear temperature stratification, without thermal convection in the accumulator tank. Because our BPHEs can operate at very small temperature differences, consumption of electricity and fossil fuels can be reduced.

Heat Pumps
Our heat exchangers capture energy from ambient sources, using a heat pump to supply heating and hot water to buildings. Ambient energy can be extracted from the air, ground and water around us. By maximizing the energy efficiency of heat pumps, our BPHEs help reduce the consumption of electricity and fossil fuels.

Municipal Waste Heat Re-distribution via District Energy
Waste heat is recovered mainly in district energy systems. District energy accounts for 80% of the European consumption of re-usable waste heat. Our heat exchangers help maximize the re-use of the available energy, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels for heating and cooling.