SWEP Tulsa factory takes steps to be carbon neutral by 2030

At SWEP we challenge efficiency in every facet of our business. One excellent example of challenging efficiency is the recent steps taken by our factory in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA to enroll in Wind Choice - a 100% renewable Wind Power offset of all electricity used at the site.

After a thorough review of several renewable options, the Tulsa factory made the decision to join Wind Choice – a renewable energy option from the Public Service Company of Oklahoma. Wind Choice focuses on harnessing Oklahoma's abundant wind to generate electricity.  This in turn conserves non-renewable resources for other uses. Additionally, the program helps protect our natural environment and it’s great for the economy!

This decision aligns with SWEP’s global goal of being carbon neutral by 2030. In fact, Tulsa is the third SWEP factory to offset non-renewables joining SWEP’s facilities in Sweden and Slovakia that are currently operating on 100% renewables.  SWEP’s overall intention is to move all factories to programs that offset non-renewables.  Additionally, SWEP BPHEs (Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers) already make use of renewable energy sources in a wide array of applications.

The company’s mindset is focused on minimizing the environmental impact of our operations including production and even the products themselves. Every time we are faced with a choice that has an environmental impact, our aim is to move towards a climate-neutral and environmentally friendly solution.

‘Challenge efficiency.  Make a difference.’

For more information about SWEP’s focus on sustainability and our wide range of BPHEs for a variety of applications, please visit www.swep.net.