SWEP awarded EcoVadis’ silver medal for their diligent work in sustainability

SWEP awarded EcoVadis' silver medal for their diligent work in sustainability

SWEP was recently awarded a silver medal by EcoVadis for its excellent work in sustainability. The medal means that their ESG work is above average compared to other companies within the industry. 

The assessment was made by EcoVadis, the world’s largest provider of business sustainability ratings.

EcoVadis has a global network of more than 100,000+ rated companies and provides a globally recognized assessment platform that rates businesses' sustainability based on four categories: environmental impact, labor and human rights standards, ethics, and procurement practices.

The silver medal covers the work accomplished by SWEP International AB and the SWEP Landskrona plant. All companies that are assessed get a rating, but only those that excel get their efforts recognized with a medal!

SWEP was awarded the silver medal by scoring in the 81st percentile of all EcoVadis responders. A big contributor to the SWEP result was our work with environmental issues, where we scored 70 out of 100, compared to the industry benchmark of 44.

SWEP earned numerous points for having clear goals, actions, and results in environmental areas such as reducing water withdrawals and carbon emissions, along with certifications such as ISO14001.

Another big factor was the work SWEP has done with promoting employee health and safety, improving working conditions, and developing diversity, equity, and inclusion – all of which played a huge role in landing SWEP the medal.

SWEP believes in creating more from less and that our future rests on giving more energy than we take – from our planet and our people. SWEP is here to lead the conversion to sustainable energy usage in heat transfer and take pride in the excellence of their brazed plate heat exchangers and their contribution to a low-emission energy future.

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