Learning for the Future: AGV testing at SWEP!

We constantly challenge efficiency: in the products we design, in the way we work, and in all our interactions with our customers, employees, and suppliers. Not only do we show innovativeness in the development of our energy-efficient products for HVAC/R and industrial processes, but we also want to display that in our global manufacturing processes as well.  

The next step into the future

For example, the SWEP Landskrona factory has just introduced the use of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in the factory to take the next step into the future. The SWEP Production system is based on standardized manufacturing modules. These modules are, for example, assembly cells, press lines, furnaces, and test cells. To get the most out of the modules and create an efficient production flow, the modules need to be connected and the material flow well-planned.

This is where the AGV systems come in.  An AGV is basically an unmanned automatically-driven forklift. The AGV systems will keep track of where the material is and move it to where it’s needed. Presently, we’re testing two suppliers of AGV systems. One in the SWEP Landskrona factory and one in the SWEP Kosice factory.

In this movie, you will see a part of the live test in the Landskrona factory, where the AGV is picking up, transporting, and leaving pallets in pre-defined positions on the floor, in pallet racks, and in automation cells. All safety functions were tested, as well as relevant performance requirements like positioning accuracy and loading capacity.

Continuing to learn and develop new ways to modernize our production processes is part of SWEP’s global initiative to build for the future.