Creating a multi-functional, process cooling system

Green Resource Engineering (GRE) wanted to create two new process cooling systems that can operate at higher temperatures and a smaller version that could also operate in reverse as a heat pump.

Developing a new reversible system

Green Resource Engineering were developing a new process cooling system product range with three new products and requested design support, products and pricing for the project from SWEP. The systems needed to be reversible, cover high and low load cases and fit in with the strict space restrictions.


SWEP Dual Technology and Asymatrix delivers

SWEP’s Dual Technology and AsyMatrix® designs allowed the systems to operate efficiently across a wide range of duty requirements and temperatures. In addition, the systems are designed to operate in reverse to act as a heat pump when required. SWEP’s brazed plate heat exchangers are capable of this, even when running in co-current mode.

SWEP offered the unrivalled technical support and fast response times that are required for such a complex project. The ability to customize the design to meet the space requirements, connection types, sizes and positions allow the client’s specifications to be met by our brazed plate heat exchanger technologies. SWEP was also able to deliver at a price that was competitive against other brazed plate heat exchanger manufacturers.

SWEPs 300, 250 and 120 models

The systems used to cover the range of operating duties

There were three systems in total that were created to cover the range of operating duties. The first uses F120THx64 as both the evaporator and condenser and is reversible. The other 2 are not reversible but use evaporators and condensers: P250ASx84, B250ASx48, DPD300x162 & DBD300x74.