Delivering efficient water heating solution at Recanto das Cachoeiras National Park

Ecogetec, together with SWEP, are striving to help bring comfort and efficiency to everyone looking for unique travel and leisure experiences throughout Brazil.

Brazil is a country of diverse landscapes, ecosystems, and cultures, making it a much-desired location for travelers and establishing tourism as a significant part of the Brazilian economy. The favorable climate is another factor that makes Brazil one of the world’s ideal tourist spots, leading both domestic and international tourists to seek out the many water parks and resorts that the country has to offer.


The Recanto das Cachoeiras Park

Recanto das Cachoeiras Park, located in Brotas-SP, Brazil is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and visitors can purchase a day use ticket for entry.

The setting has a 600 m³ infinity pool, children's pool, adult pool, whirlpool, horseback riding, games room and changing room. The Park also boasts natural attractions for visitors to enjoy such as waterfalls, trails, and panoramic views. Recanto das Cachoeiras is a natural park ideal for those that want to truly appreciate and enjoy nature during their getaway.

Ecogetec - producer of water heating solutions

Ecogetec is a leader across Brazil in the production of water heating solutions, utilizing biomass in both medium and large systems. They have a factory in the state of Paraná and a sales office in São Paulo – BR, so they are well represented in the Brazilian market.

Ecogetec's main customers are resorts, water parks, hotels, clubs, and gyms.

For the Parque Recanto das Cachoeiras project, a total of (11) SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers were installed throughout the property. (4) B85Hx30 models were used to heat the water in the changing rooms for bathing and (7) B120TH models were used to heat three swimming pools on the premises.

                    SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers installed onsite to provide the necessary heating

Highly efficient heat exchanger

SWEP’s B85 model is a highly efficient heat exchanger with a higher thermal performance than any comparable product. It is the perfect choice for high-performance condensers and demanding heat transfer requirements. The large ports enable it to cope with high capacities.While the B120T model has been specially developed to operate in demanding heating and industrial applications, typically water-water applications, and oil coolers. The product has contributed to the rapid switch to brazed plate heat exchangers from traditional gasket plate heat exchangers and shell-and-tube solutions. Both models are very well suited for the efficient heating solution required for this park.

Ecogetec has partnered with SWEP in the past as their chosen heat transfer solution in heating applications, and this new project was no different! SWEP’s vast experience in residential heating covers both comfort and tap water heating. Typical applications for SWEP´s brazed plate heat exchangers are gas boilers, heat pumps, and solar heating, along with other decentralized heating technologies such as micro-combined heat and power systems and absorption heat pumps.