Handböcker i värmeöverföring

Få djupgående kunskaper inom värmeöverföring, praktiska råd som hjälper dig att optimera ditt system och tips om hur du felsöker potentiella problem.



Cooling food in supermarkets or cooling buildings with air-conditioners, heat recovery in desuperheaters and heating houses with heat pumps are all examples of the largest application field for SWEP´s brazed plate heat exchangers.

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The heating applications (eg. boilers, district heating) represent one of the largest application fields for SWEP BPHE's. For each application, there are many different layouts, whcih are descibed in this handbook. (this handbook must be downloaded - .zip file)

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This handbook describes hydraulic oil coolers, engine and transmission oil coolers, cogeneration systems, ORC, air dryers, circulating chillers and deionized water cooling systems. Many industrial applications operate with brazed plate heat exchangers.

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