Nefit goes for AsyMatrix®

Dutch company Nefit uses our heat exchanger based on the AsyMatrix® concept in the company’s boilers.

Produce solutions for the entire European market

Nefit brings extremely efficient boilers for durable heating solutions to the Dutch market. For almost thirty years, Nefit has manufactured its so called HR boilers. In the Netherlands, more than two million low-energy condensing Nefit products have been installed. The technology of the company is applied under several brands in more than 20 European countries. 

At the Nefit development center in Deventer, work is done to produce solutions for the entire European market. More than seventy Nefit specialists work in the center to develop the company’s heating technology: HR-technology including zone heating, natural heating, and heat recovery. To maintain its competitive technological edge, Nefit cooperates with universities, research institutes, and specialized industries.

Ensures a comfortable heating

The Nefit ProLine ensures a comfortable heating thanks to the sophisticated Nefit regulation method, which never provides more heating than necessary. It also rapidly provides hot water thanks to innovations such as our E5AS brazed plate heat exchanger. The Nefit ProLine is appropriate to install almost everywhere, because it only measures 58 x 35 x 28 cm, and it does not require any particular free space. Thus, it fits very well into the smallest locations. Moreover, the low weight of the ProLine makes it easy to install.

High capacity, small footprint, and energy efficiency

Nefit utilizes our heat exchangers with our pioneering AsyMatrix® concept. AsyMatrix® combines high capacity, small footprint, and energy efficiency in various applications.

Our asymmetric concept is very suitable for boiler applications. The brazed plate heat exchanger is used to easily provide hot water rapidly at a low pressure drop. Typically for tap water heating, the specified demand on the brazed plate heat exchanger is asymmetric, which enables it to transfer more heat using less material in boiler applications.

Thanks to the clever design of AsyMatrix®, the pressure drop can be reduced in the central heating circuit, while the total heat transfer performance is improved. This also leads to less energy consumption.
For thermally asymmetric tap water heating, AsyMatrix® provides more efficient heat transfer compared to conventional technology. Moreover, it enables a smaller footprint and lower weight of the brazed plate heat exchanger.

The conclusion is that anytime there is a demand for asymmetric heat transfer in a brazed plate heat exchanger, the AsyMatrix® technology should be considered as an option. Something that Nefit has realized, and thereby implemented in its own products.

AsyMatrix® is SWEP's innovative asymmetric plate design technology for brazed plate heat exchangers.