EcoDataCenter sets high standard for sustainability

Data storage is one of the world's fastest growing businesses as cloud storage becomes commonplace. Processing data consumes a great deal of energy and produces a lot of heat, so large scale data centres need powerful and reliable cooling to ensure optimum running of their IT equipment.

Data center transmissions in China

In the era of big data, data centers serve as important carriers of network transmissions. They support the speed and precision of news transmissions, and are crucial for news communications to realize high-quality dialogue with the public. 

Data center cooling is optimized with SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers

This customer has been committed to the development of precision environmental control technologies applied in large-scale data centers and other business-critical areas. 

Critical IT equipment requires efficient cooling

When the India-based IT company Infosys Technologies Ltd. selected Schneider Electric to install a system for a Data Center Cooling application, Schneider decided to opt for an efficient SWEP brazed plate heat exchanger.

Effektiv kylning av Infosys datacenter

När det Indien-baserade IT-företaget Infosys Technologies Ltd. valde Schneider Electric för installation av ett kylsystem för sitt datacenter beslutade man sig för SWEP:s effektiva lödda plattvärmeväxlare (BPHE).